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Leather flight jackets


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France-Air-Force-flight-jacket-leather France Air Force flight jacket leather

France Air Force flight jacket
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German-Air-Force-flight-jacket-(leather)-(origineel) German Air Force flight jacket (leather) (origineel)

This original flightjacket exactly as we offered is or was worn by Tornado, Phantom and MIG-29 pilots.
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leather-A-2-flight-jacket-for-kids leather A-2 flight jacket for kids

Kids leather A-2 flight jacket. The classic and currently issued U.S. Air Force A-2 designed leather flight jacket made in childrens sizes. Made of goatskin leather.
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leather-CWU-45P-flight-jacket-handmade leather CWU-45P flight jacket - handmade

The military flight jackets currently used today are the CWU-45P flight jackets worn by U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots.
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leather-MA-1-flight-jacket-handmade leather MA-1 flight jacket handmade

This MA-1 flight jacket is perhaps the most popular clothing item ever designed for the United States military forces.The famous MA-1 flight jacket is made of high quality leather.
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leather-PME-Legend-Pall-Mall-bomber-jack leather PME Legend Pall Mall bomber jack

leather PME Legend Pall Mall bomber jack
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original-USAF-A-2-flight-jacket-with-Wolfhounds-back-painting original USAF A-2 flight jacket with Wolfhounds back painting

USAF A-2 flight Jacket with back painting
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original-USAF-A-2-flight-jacket-with-Wolfhounds-back-painting-II original USAF A-2 flight jacket with Wolfhounds back painting II

original USAF A-2 flight jacket with Wolfhounds back painting
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RAF-flight-jacket-finest-blue-calfskin-leather RAF flight jacket - finest blue calfskin leather

RAF flight jacket: handmade from the finest blue calskin leather. Worn by the pilots of Her Majesty's Royal Air Force, this classic leather flight jacket is made from durable yet supple calfskin.
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USAF-A-2-flight-jacket-leather USAF A-2 flight jacket leather

leather USAF A-2 flight jacket. Is currently still uniforms for US Air Forces. The most popular flight jacket sold in the world. Our version A-2 is more comfortable than USA version pattern
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Leather pilot jackets

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