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France Air Force flight jacket

fine leather - calfskin - latest model France Air Force

100% handmade - excellent quality

1. Offset Front Length: Hold the end of the tape measure at the side of the
neck where it meets the top of the shoulder. The tape measure goes straight
down the front over the breast and along any body contour. With the other
hand, place your index finger and thumb at the point of your measurement.
Take a photo showing just the torso and the entire tape measure. We do not
need to see the face or legs, just the torso and tape measure.
2. Arm Only Length: Best to use tape to secure the beginning of the tape
measure or have someone else hold the tape measure. From the point of the
arm where it meets the shoulder, use the other hand and place your index
finger and thumb at the length where you measured the arm only length. We
only need to see the arm and tape measure, not the head or legs.
3. Send the photos via a reply to the email address of this emailed receipt.
We will acknowledge receipt and advise of any further information the
tailors may need. Your photos will not be used for any other purpose than
making your coat. Thank you for your patience and assistance.

After ordering you can send this information and the photo's to:

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Price per unit: € 349,00
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2 weeks

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